Wednesday, January 11, 2006


An issue came up the other day (although not for the 1st time). Why do we almost never find “left-over” cocaine when we have someone die of a cocaine overdose? Sometimes it’s because someone else was there with the decedent (either also partying or just there) who has taken or “cleaned up” what remained. However, by far and away the main reason is that the individual who died used every bit they had before they died.

Cocaine is one of the most biologically wide-affecting drugs we use (probably 2nd only to Caffeine- my drug of choice). The drive to use or abuse is so intense; many individuals will only stop when they have no more of the drug available. It absolutely flagellates the pleasure centers in the brain, which is in addition to over-firing many of your brain and nerve cells and tightening all of your blood vessels (most lethally in your brain and heart).

Before you use cocaine because I mentioned it can cause pleasure, repeat this little poem that I have quoted for years:

Drugs (cocaine), they can thrill ya and they can kill ya,
They can make ya high and they can make ya die

I will return to the subject of cocaine in future posts. There is so much I can tell you about it and dying from it. I look forward to it.

It is the # 1 cause of drug-related death in Lake County, IL, as it is in much of the country.

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