Thursday, May 18, 2006

Love those questions

A variety day, today. Pre-prom event this morning and it started raining just as I finished speaking sending the teens running for the school to hear the final speaker. I’ll write some more about that tomorrow, after another pre-prom event scheduled for the a.m.

Also, today I listened to a presentation of a software program to improve our handling of documentation and track our tox lab, etc. Pricey. There will be others to review.

I was working on some questions sent to me by a student in the Las Vegas area that she needed answers to for a school project. In addition, I was interviewed by a local student working on a similar project. It is fun doing these, makes me think and often look at things in different ways. Some of the questions a truly “different” and can be challenging to come up with an answer for, let alone a good one. I do love challenges like those.

One question that occurred in both sets of questions, although in somewhat different forms was: What benefits do you receive as coroner? Really the benefit I like the most is the “credentials” as an expert I received when I was elected. Did it make me a different person? No. Did it expand my knowledge? Not directly, although I have done some educational activities to expand knowledge in certain areas pertaining to the office. (I have always known it is important to be a life-long learner.) None the less people are now listening to me because I am the coroner and I have been invited to speak places that I wouldn’t have been invited to when I was “merely” the Executive Director of a free medical clinic, although I am speaking about stuff I knew then too.

I am glad for that, it is one of my favorite things and it is the benefit I most enjoy as coroner. Keep those invitations coming. I do want to forestall death and I’ll try not to talk you to death.

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