Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Resource "work"

The queries I get are at times “unusual”.

Recently, someone wanted to do an art project that “works from its own power” and wanted information about whether a “closed system” of decomposition would fill that bill. He wanted to tap “(non-human) after-life processes” as “energy” to drive something that would satisfy the project goals/requirements. Interesting concept (although likely quite odiferous).

Another: Someone with a Hollywood telephone exchange (are they still called that?) looking for answers to questions about autopsy findings in a mummified corpse. Without giving too much away, there are modern ways to mummify that the Ancient Egyptians likely never even thought of. (And, yes, I told her I had a niggling fear that I was going to read about this in the papers someday, although she assures me she is a writer)

It is fun thinking through these things. I often critique TV shows and movies (burdening my wife with having to listen to my ranting/rambling while trying to watch the show), so I might as well think up some of this stuff without a show on in front of me. I see it as focused imagination with some talent for “writing”, although a different phrase actually came to mind as I was typing this, i.e. Mental [activity not for general audiences].

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