Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Interesting Mental Health Blog

I stumbled across and interesting blog today. As is often the case, I found it while I was doing something else (in this case some “continuing medical education” for credit). The blog is entitled “Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments” but it covers a considerable array of mental health topics, from drug abuse to suicide to mental health issues on reality TV. As they put it:
Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments is the public voice of Treatment Online. Here we strive to report and comment on the most important news in medication, treatment, psychotherapy, clinical research and other areas of mental health. We chose the title Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments to represent the broad range of topics that peak our interest. Beside new issues in bipolar disorder, PTSD or drug addiction you will also find pertinent discussions on parenting, healthy eating, therapy strategies and all manners of health care, especially as they relate to mental health

Some recent interesting topics:
Students with Mental Illness Face Unique Challenges on Campus
Sleep Problems Hamper Recovery From Alcoholism
OTC Drug Abuse Soaring, New Study Says. History May Provide Another Lesson

I recommend a look and while some of the content is targeted at physicians and physicians-in-training, information about mental health issues and the stigma of mental health issues is important for everyone to have access to. Also, it seems very reasonable, debunking pseudoscience and in re-balancing coverage from “outside” sources.

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