Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nap and live longer

In a study released recently, it appears that a daily nap decreases your risk of dying from heart disease. While, like all studies, it must be replicated in other patient populations, it certainly looks like an impressive effect. The effect may be related to stress reduction and afternoon naps may be “more natural” fitting with the normal cycling of our daily clock. Napping, researchers believe, allows people a chance to reset their heart rates and blood pressure in the middle of the day.

However, the first thing I thought of last night when I saw the report on the news was something a cardiologist told me a number of years ago. He told me we were each born with just a certain number of heartbeats and when they were used up, you checked out. So my thought is that a nap helps you save a few of those limited number heartbeats and allows you to live longer. [Disclaimer: I am not a napper]

So nap away, unless you work someplace where I need service/attention at the time of your nap (or if your one of my employees, I’m not paying for napping).

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