Friday, May 04, 2007

Spykes ™

“Girlie Drinks” or alcopops sure look like they are targeted at young girls. An introduction to alcohol perhaps more tempting that a beer in a can.

Now along come Spykes ™. They are cute little 2 ounce bottles of brightly colored (except the chocolate one) malt beverage with 12 percent alcohol content. The bottles themselves look like over-fed nail-polish bottles. They are enticing, sweet with the flavors of chocolate, mango, watermelon and lime. The manufacturers website says that they are designed to add to a beer to add flavor and, I suppose in another time, pizzazz.

But my concern is that they fit easily into a tux jacket pocket or relatively unobtrusively into a purse for prom night “fun”. I want parents to be aware of these attractive “treats”. Teens should have fun on prom night, but to have fun they don’t need to drink.

Check your teen on prom night. Help them live out their full potential, their full lives. Underage drinking is not OK. Please do all that you can to keep them out of my office.

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