Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Death case provoked dream?

I had a weird dream last night. As I have said I do end up taking some of the job home with me, at least in my head. I think the dream sprang from a case conference we had Monday that involved the drug-related death of an individual. In the discussion and review of the scene photos, it was revealed that the victim used a homemade aluminum foil pipe (would there be such a pipe other than a homemade?) for smoking drugs.

When I googled to check on the prevalence of using aluminum foil to make a pipe. I was surprised just how common a practice it is for crack, heroin, marijuana, the whole gamut of drugs. There was even an answer to a question posed about the safety of smoking in such a devise and the risk of the aluminum inhaled. Although it would seem to me that most folks using such a device would not be overly worried about the aluminum and most of the substances smoked would be more harmful than the aluminum.

Anyway to my dream, in it I was watching a TV show, much like Saturday Night Live in the old days, and a commercial came on for a product called “Six Pack O’ Crack” that came pre-loaded in pipes. As far as I know no such product exists and would likely be pretty lethal. I mention it to demonstrate just how strange a place the world of dreams is, particularly mine at certain times.

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