Monday, January 14, 2008

Learning more about insects

I ran across this article today, it reminds me of some of the Anthony Bourdain TV shows. (Have you seen the one where the octopus tentacles were still moving as he ate them? There has also been a show or two where he ate insects.) This article not only recommends eating insects but includes 4 receipts:
…they taste good. Plus insects are high in protein and have essential fatty acids and important vitamins.

Bon Appetite

Insects are indeed so fascinating.


Rebecca said...

I think it's Andrew Zimmern that eats the insects, along with other interesting tasties, on Bizzare Foods.

Thank you for the great blog, too!!!

Anonymous said...

No Anthony Bourdain also eats some strange things...I saw him on TV the other day--he ate a snake heart while it was still beating..I forget what country he was in, but they have a way to remove the heart from the snake so that it is still beating...Anthony said it "pulsed goingdown his throat"........YUCKKKKK!!!!!!

iconoclast59 said...

I would be open to trying insects if, as Dr. van Huis stated in the linked article, they were ground up or otherwise processed as to be unrecognizable as insects. I think the "mouth feel" would be important, too; crunching on an insect's exoskeleton or biting down and feeling gooey insect guts ooze out likely would give me the heaves! Something with the consistency and feel of ground beef or oatmeal probably would be okay.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I knew restaurants gave receipts, I didn't know you could get one from an insect.

Dr. Richard Keller said...

Mea culpa

I (and spell check) make errrors, thanks for pointing it out.