Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heroin Deaths Can Touch Us All

The Coroner gets letters:

Dear Dr Keller:

I came across your name while dong a “net” search in trying to find out how many deaths were contributed to heroin overdose in 2008 in Illinois. NBC 5 had an article dated 3/13/08 that indicated you determined the deaths of two men found in Fox Lake, IL, were from heroin overdose.

On 4/23/08, I attended a wake in (village name removed), IL for a young woman who died from a heroin overdose.

Last night, 4/26/08, my son who lives in Texas called me. He was sobbing terribly…his best friend/childhood friend died from a heroin overdose! I don’t know the details but it happened in (village name removed), IL.

I am very well aware of the law enforcement’s and public’s attitude concerning such details, but we must have some kind of empathy for these unfortunate souls. I know it would be a difficult task to find out who was their supplier, but I hope someone is looking into these deaths.

I agree with your sentiments about the “unfortunate souls”. We must do all we can to ensure people have adequate access to counseling and treatment in all its forms. We must be certain that people can feel “comfortable” with seeking that help.

Equally important is law enforcement seeking out the dealers and suppliers. That is certainly done in our area and we do what we can to encourage and help in those investigations.

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