Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heart attacks don’t only attack ‘old folks’

Shocked, concerned, dismayed, I’m not sure what word to use.

In the last couple of weeks we have had 3 folks in their 30s die due to heart disease. Granted they were overweight and had histories of hypertension, but seeming so young to have life-threatening (life ending) heart disease. Most of the time you don’t think of heart disease killing at such a young age.

What is going on? These folks, for the most part, didn’t access our healthcare system for personal of financial reasons (that can be hard to sort out, not being able to talk with the person involved in the decision making). Apparently, they weren’t able, for whatever reason, to make life style changes to impact the obvious risk factor with diet and exercise. Folks need to know the health decisions you make at any age (even when you are young) can, and does, impact your longevity.

Do what you can to not die before your time. Make good choices.

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