Thursday, April 02, 2009

More on deadly heroin

Headline 1 today: Spike in suburban heroin deaths

A story about the apparent increase in heroin related deaths across several local counties, with a law enforcement report of increased heroin seizures and arrests. It even mentions an increase in folks seeking treatment of heroin addiction in the area (great to see that).

Headline 2 today: Heroin in Fox Lake death of lethal purity, official says

(That official being me) An article about our finding (of course, with the help of DEA testing) increased purity/concentration of heroin in at least some of our cases as an explanation of Headline 1.

Increased availability of increasingly deadly heroin, what a foundation for disastrous consequences.

Law enforcement needs to cooperatively work to track and stem the flow (we will do all we can to help here), courts need to push folks to treatment, and treatment programs must gear up to treat those in need; or we will continue to see increased business from a drug originally spelled “heroine”.

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Krissy said...

This just blows my mind, I can't fathom being even remotely interested in doing a drug that does nothing but destroy everyone it comes into contact with! I'm 21 and ran into a kid I knew from libertyville high school last night, I guess he was in jail for a month for heroin possession and all he was trying to do on an hour long train ride was find his next fix. At that point, what can be done? I hope these idiots learn.