Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Driving Distracted Kills

Report that could have saved lives is buried for 7 years, holy mackerel.

… cellphone use behind the wheel "has contributed to an increasing number of crashes, injuries and fatalities."

… a problem that could be as bad as drunk driving…

We have seen car crash deaths in which the driver’s cell phone “rang” moments before the crash and likely contributed to the crash. It is a little harder to check to see if they had dialed out, but no doubt there were some of those as well.

Driving distracted is deadly and it is great to finally have the data to prove that released. At the very least, the dangers of driving distracted need to be taught to teens in tandem with the dangers of driving intoxicated from whatever source. Parents need to warn their kids. PSAs (do they do PSAs anymore?) need to heat the airwaves. It is a real threat to the lives of folks in cars. And I think particularly the young, just based on their volume of phone use.

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