Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Suicide Prevention Program start

I spent my day putting together an address list for a mailing inviting individuals to become a part of an effort to prevent deaths due to Suicide in Lake County. In calling one of the individuals they recounted how over the last few weeks their “path” had crossed so many others intimately touched by suicide that they had been talking about the experience just hours before I called. This is not coincidence.

Suicides in Lake County out number Homicides over 3 to 1. Each year 60 individuals in Lake County die of Suicide. Suicide affects all races and ethnicities, all socioeconomic groups, and individuals, from youths to seniors. For every Suicide, an estimated 8 to 10 lives are severely impacted. For every Suicide, an estimated 18 attempts have been made.

We will get a program going locally and once that is accomplished we plan to help others through the effort just as others will help with our efforts. Our work, and our solutions, must be local. However, there is work that has been done on a state level and in other locales that we can draw from, to help and guide us through our process. Our first meeting is mid-February.

Suicide is a preventable manner of death.


Anonymous said...

My deceased son's toxicology report was positive for Fentanyl 15 +/-3 ng/mL in the blood and Alprazolam 29 +/-4 ng/mL in the blood. I'm confused was either one a lethal amount or was in a combination of both that killed him?

Dr. Richard Keller said...

My condolences

Your son's fentanyl blood level could by itself be a lethal amount. However, the combination of fentanyl with alprazolam at those levels would increase the lethality. I would call it poly-substance overdose/use as the cause of death.

Julie Staiger said...

Would a toxicology screen ever be done without an autopsy?

Dr. Richard Keller said...

It is not at all unusual to get a tox screen without and autopsy. If a drug related death is likely, based on the death investigation, and, in the opinion of the investigators and coroner/medical examiner, an autopsy would not contribute any useful information, they could indeed proceed without an autopsy

Unknown said...

My friend was alive and stating that someone was coming for him and he would not be alive for long. Within 10 hours, he was found floating in s very cold bay. His autopsy wasn't done for another five days where the cause of death was listed at drowning with a methamphetamine level of 2.83. Why would his body be floating so quickly in the water? Could he have been murdered and then thrown in? Would the level of drugs in his system be accurate being that his body say for five days?

Dr. Richard Keller said...

Your hypothetical is possible and would require further investigation (police-type and autopsy) to know.

Meth levels drawn that long after death may indeed be inaccurate.