Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Youth Group Spiel

I was putting together some thoughts for a talk to a youth group I am doing tonight and I decided I might post them here as well. In addition, to general stuff about the Coroner’s Biz, I always put in information about forestalling death appropriate to the group I am talking to. I did also get a special request to say something regarding teen driving for the group’s leader.

Teen Driving:
Teens (not unlike many adults) are easily distracted and when in control of a 1 ¾ ton machine of death, this is a problem
Teens think they are invincible and get a real buzz out of risk taking, this is a problem
Teens see what they, or someone else, can do in a video game and what others do on TV and in the movies and think it would be fun/exciting to try that “trick” in real life (e.g. jumping railroad tracks), not realizing that it is all fake on TV and in the movie
Alcohol (and drugs) makes you stupid and impairs reaction time and the ability to drive

A very serious (and large) problem among teens, it needs to be recognized, those at risk need to be referred for help, they may need a bit of a push to get help, they need to know it is OK to get help. We can’t ignore this problem any longer.

Alcohol and Drugs:
Another big problem: they can make you high, but they can make you die.
Alcohol and drugs make you stupid (and more stupid the more you consume).
Alcohol is a poison and it temporarily paralyzes the muscles in your eyes at fairly low dose/amount consumed, leading to crashes and other accidents.

Health habits:
Teens need to develop healthy life habits, because its easier to develop them as a teen then when you get older, and they will impact you the rest of your life

Bottom line, take home sound bite: Think, make good choices, don’t take chances

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