Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A friend of mine sent me a link today to an interesting website. The website is titled: Autopsy. It is the work of (as he puts it): “Ed, the pathology guy”.

The autopsy is a valuable tool in forensics and in medicine, but (somewhat in disagreement with the author) it is my opinion that it should only be done when there is real information of “value” to be gained. [the “value” may be quite subjective.]

If you have ever wanted to see a step-by-step guide to what is involved in an autopsy (or just curious enough to take a look), this is the site for you. It also has little “cartoon” illustrations to go along with the narrative. While it may be a disappointment to some, there are no pictures of dead people or gruesome open people shots directly on the posting page. However, there are videos available for purchase and links to sites that are likely “more detailed”.

"Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae”

I like the site and will recommend it to folks who want some detail on what an autopsy entails. Go take a look.

I followed a few of the links at the end of the posting and they including some interesting shopping opportunities as well as informational links and some links to photos overlaid with the word “caution”.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing a project.I need some info. Can you help? Why would you want to be a medical examiner? Is a medical examiner the same thing as a pathologist.

Dr. Richard Keller said...

To answer the first, wander about my blog reading and/or try here to start.

A medical examiner is usually a forensic pathologist (although the terms are not synonymous), a coroner is not (but we use forensic pathologists to do our autopsies).