Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Posting "gaps"

Sorry for blog gaps over the last couple of days, but in addition to the usual “stuff”, I have been reviewing 600 pages or so of records and preparing a report for the local Child Death Review Team. Someone on the “Team”, not in the jurisdiction in which the death occurs, prepares a report for the team’s review and discussion. I volunteered to do a review and “drew” this case. There are hospital records, doctor visit records, police reports, DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) reports, an autopsy report, and other documentation to be gone through for the report preparation. I didn’t really know what would be involved in preparing the report (i.e. 600 + pages of documents). Convoluted (multilayered) materials to review, digest and “digest” for the report to the team.

The perpetrator was arrested, charged and indicted by a Grand Jury.

Inquests tomorrow, back to regular posting real soon.


Body care said...

Great blog I'd like to compliment you on the ease of being able to understand these thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to let you know that I am the person who thanked you for your blog on eating disorders and realized my adult (married) daughter was suffering from one. She has been in treatment now since then, has begun taking antidepressants and seeing a therapist. She has completely acknowledged her anorexia and is actively pursuing health. The antidepressants have "kicked in" and I feel like I've got my daughter back. It's so great to see her smile again and to actually be eating -- at least somewhat better -- and not losing any more weight. It is very possible that your blog entry saved her life just by opening my eyes enough to be able to alert her and her husband to what was happening. (You see, WE thought you had to be skeletal in order to be anorexic.) What a difference this has made to all of us. In this process her husband has also realized he needed some help as well (with depression) and his life is improving. These two were already great "kids," good citizens, thoughtful, attractive, pleasant, people would have been hard pressed to realize they were having these issues. Thanks for raising these issues for us readers!