Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2 short posts

A couple of quick posts today; I spent a good share of today (as often happens) in meetings.

First, “ripped” from Eric Zorn and “shared casket”:
Reading the terribly sad story about the funeral of Angela Lindner, 39, of Naperville, and her sons Danny, 3, and Aidan, 1, who were killed recently in a crash on the Indiana Toll Road, I was struck by the offhand information that the three victims "shared a casket."...

The second goes to a conversation I had at the last Lake County Partnership to End Homelessness about the impact that this country will see from veterans returning with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and whether “we” are prepared for its effects on them and on society. There has been “explosive” growth in the number of veterans with severe PSTD, but the VA has only ramped-up minimally in services to handle the care of these individuals. As a matter of fact over-all there has been an 8% decrease in funding for mental health services.

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