Monday, August 21, 2006

Death Investigation Training

I got the flyer for St Louis University School of Medicine’s Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course in the mail today. I often get asked about training/education sites and I would whole heartedly recommend this program. I went through it shortly after my election as Coroner and we send all of our Deputies through the training. It gave me a solid base on which to acquire/build further related information and allowed me to look at information already in my armamentarium from the medicolegal death investigation vantage point.

The intensive course covers 30 “types of death” and provides introductory information about various ancillary forensic sciences (anthropology, entomology, psychiatry, radiology and toxicology). They have been conducting the course for 27 years and the polish and topic coverage shows that history.

Taking this course also prepares you for more in-depth courses that they offer each year on a variety of related topics. If you have interest take a look, they draw from a breadth of disciplines that you would be hard-pressed to put together otherwise. In addition, they have the backing of the St Louis University School of Medicine (not all such courses have such a pedigree).

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