Friday, September 08, 2006

Death Thoughts

Ah, the end of another week. Except they don’t really end, they just flow on. Weekend, weekday, the Coroner’s business flows on. The only difference is I’m not in the office very much on the week ends. Like the old joke so many folks like to tell me: “They’re just dying to meet you”.

This week the young died when they ought not to have. The old died when they also ought not to have. Some died and their release was a relief. Others died with a flood of grief. But some died when it was time.

I didn’t set out to make this maudlin or poetic; sometimes the words just flow too. People die for so many reasons, in so many ways, and each death has their own story. The stories can be interesting and enthralling. The stories can be obvious or require work to get at and to sort out.

Death is natural and unnatural, but we will all end up there eventually. It is my wish for you and yours (and everybody else) that that occurs no sooner than it must. That you all may grow old enough and get enough done, that you may shuffle off this mortal coil without regrets and prepared for the journey.

Enjoy the ride.

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