Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Nicotine in Cigarettes

I will have another “parenting” post regarding something else that came up at the underage drinking prevention meeting that prompted the last 2 posts, but I wanted to mention this news report before it got too “stale”.

It seems that, just perhaps, cigarette makers are adding or otherwise jazzing the nicotine content in their cigarettes. Nicotine is the reason folks get hooked and/or can’t quit smoking, just behind the psychological addiction. It appears that, according to a Massachusetts Department of Health study, the nicotine level in cigarettes has been rising steadily over the last 6 years. And don’t think the ultra-lights are “safer”; the nicotine levels went up in all cigarette “strengths”.

This made only a small news splash when it should have prompted screaming headlines: “Cigarette Makers Jazzing Coffin Nails” or something equally shrill. They get away with admitting the health risks of their product while at the same time making them more addictive. That seems to me to go beyond their statements of innocence; that they warn folks not to smoke, so they are not liable for their resultant health problems and deaths.

Hook them in faster and stronger. Make them customers for life (no matter that that life is shortened after hooking them in). Smoke and die young (though not a pleasant death most of the time).

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