Thursday, January 18, 2007

Domestic Violence is not a joke, it can kill

K-mart sells a T-shirt that shows “a male stick figure pushing a female stick figure out of a box to a steep fall”. “The disputed ‘Problem Solved’ t-shirts are manufactured by Route 66 Attitude.”

It’s a kids’ T-shirt. I have seen some T-shirts that I consider “wrong” and/or obnoxious, but this is just incredible. According to the report K-mart took them out of their stores briefly after a complaint, but then resumed selling them.

I find it particularly repugnant today, because we had 2 recent deaths possibly due to domestic violence (one is still under investigation). Domestic violence is one of the leading contributors/causes of homicide. To make light of domestic violence, to make it a “joke”, goes way beyond “wrong”.
For information on how to speak out against Kmart’s t-shirts, visit, To protest to Kmart, visit

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