Thursday, July 10, 2008

Coroner speaks to alcohol pushers

Last night I practiced what I preach. I have been preaching that we need to change the social norm surrounding alcohol consumption. We don’t need alcohol served at every celebration or get-together. We don’t need alcohol to have fun or as a social lubricant. We need to step up and speak out against this “social norm”. That is one way we can change teen/youth conviction that we need to consume alcohol.

I was at an event where several upcoming events/parties were announced. Every one had alcohol as the first word in what would be happening at each of them. After listening, I stood and spoke out. I told them that what I was going to say might be uncomfortable, but that it is not right for alcohol to be “the guest of honor”. I am not against responsible drinking by adults, but it should only be a side, not a main course. I cautioned them that if they were serving, they would share responsibility if any over-drinking occurred. Just as I tell teens: Think, make good choices, don’t take chances.

Now it is your turn to speak out. Only with speaking out can we alter that social norm.

On another related topic: I am appalled by a commercial that I have heard several times on the radio. To quote (or come close anyway): “…two things you should know about morning hangover…” Both those things pertain to their product. No. The 2 things you should know have nothing to do with their product (yes, something I learned a long time ago): You drank too much and don’t do it again.


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT & badly needed SIR !!!
I've been working in the last 4 months to alert drinkers, of the dangers contained in each container. I lost my beautiful husband due to health problems from it, & I have the same too.
I've been trying, along with AA, ALANON, MADD to have our Government force all manufacturers of the stuff, to have large warning labels & increase the prices. Now, wether this is ever going to happen, remains to be seen.
But, rarely do I come across someone with the same outlook as yourself !!!
Let me know if you'd like me to send you our story.
Sheila Joyce Gibbs

Dr. Richard Keller said...

I would also mention that it was good to see one of the gentlemen at the event hold high his AA medallion as I was making my comments.