Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Preventing Death by Train

I just got a “save the date” card for an upcoming conference that sounds interesting. I was talking recently about the need to better secured train tracks (fencing and the like), both in reference to my impulse suicide post of a few days ago and with the incident of a recent suicide by train. Low and behold, I got a card in the mail about a conference entitled “Sealed Corridors”, put on by the DuPage Railroad Safety Council in September.

Looking at the DuPage Railroad Safety Council website, I was impressed with their various initiatives and projects. They undertake education to kids, educational materials at train stations, promoting legislation and enforcement, etc.

I think more “secure” tracks could prevent some impulse death by suicide, as well as some of the accidents we see involving trains. We have had cases (pedestrians and in vehicles) who ignore warnings, or who misjudge time to impact, or who are distracted to the point of fatal error.

The DuPage Railroad Safety Council efforts and their conference sound interesting. I look forward to learning more and supporting what I can.

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