Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Colleges shouldn't support lower drinking age

Honestly with the abuse of alcohol being so prolific it’s insane to even consider this. I was 18 in high school and I can’t imagine what this would create. At 18 I know I wasn’t prepared for alcohol, at 21 I don’t think I was prepared either. I already have enough clients coming to my unit (addictions treatment program) already. I don’t need them encouraged to start any younger. I can’t believe that this was even considered, knowing that the presidents of these universities should have first hand knowledge how dangerous alcohol is on college campuses its crazy to even see them considering this as a good idea (I know this first hand). What is the world coming to?


This Tribune article caught my eye and ire as well. It certainly seems irresponsible to me for colleges to come out in support of lowering the legal drinking age.

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