Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Coroner knows that "you never know..."

It happened again last evening, someone died in a car crash.

But things are rarely that simple, that isolated. As is often the case, more people could have died in the crash, more lives are affected by the crash, and it brings to mind the fact that you never know…

A woman and her 2 children were out driving at dusk, intending to get home and continue on with their lives. Then what you hope will never happen happens. A driver on the other side of the road loses control of his car for some reason sending his car across and into the path of your car faster than you can react to avoid it. A collision occurs. The driver of the car that crossed the road dies of multiple injuries. Thankfully the woman and her children survive this one, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. There were some injuries, thankfully nothing too severe.

Two mothers’ lives were changed in the incident, the grieving mother of the young man who died in the crash and the injured mother driving the other vehicle. Neither will forget the crash or its outcome. Both will likely always think- you never know what will happen when you go out in your car.

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