Friday, October 24, 2008

The dead evicted

(These are busy times, sorry for the inconsistent posting.)

I came across this article and it struck me for several reasons, so I thought I’d share:

The bodies of five people and cremains for 22 others are on their way to a county medical examiner's office after the funeral home sending them to their place of rest was foreclosed on Friday morning.

Who knew there was a risk of eviction after death?

And then the interesting name of the funeral home (and crematory?):

House of Burns Memorial Chapel

Apparently funeral home staff declined to comment for the article:

"You don't want to let nobody know nothing — you just want gossip," the woman said, adding "have a blessed day" before hanging up.

I don’t bring this up to gossip. Can you imagine such an occurrence? The irony of no rest even for the dead, "have a blessed day" indeed. (I will close saying that they do seem to be handling this unfortunate situation well)

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