Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Food for Misdirection of Thought

(Note: I had thought of this post before I ran across the article that prompted the above post. It became an interesting juxtaposition.)

I often get asked what we in the Coroner’s office do to decompress, to get our minds off the death we deal with all the time.

One of the things we do is participate in what I jokingly refer to as “food porn”. Not “porn” in the usually thought-of context, but reveling in the earthly delight of food. If you have ever watched some of the photography of food shows (and even food ads), you can see the visual quality they often strive for. Actually some of that photography comes pretty close to a porn presentation. I am also not referring to gluttony either. I think of that more in the sense of mass quantity consumption with “vomitoriae” (or is it vomitorii?). Again, some of the shows on TV do seem to cross that line, but we prefer a less gross presentation (although we sometimes catch a bit of Andrew Zimmern for grossness). Also our tastes do not run toward haute cuisine, but more the burgers, BBQ, and bacon sort of food selections.

We enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain during lunch while making multiple comments about his food exploits and the attractiveness, to us, of the food he is sampling. We also trade stories and recommendations about local, and not so local, eateries and food options. We trade web-based food information, like the recently circulated “squeezable bacon” ad and a recent article about potentially deadly fast food.

It’s fun, it’s something else to think about and sometimes it’s a tip that leads to a nice night out with the family.

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