Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interesting Week for Coroner, Never Routine

It was an interesting week of meetings.

Tuesday I presented my 2010 budget to the County Board committees that need to approve it before it goes to the full Board. To meet county targets set because of projected county income short-falls, I had to make some cuts. It was tough to do because we have been running a pretty lean budget since I set my first one after taking office. I am pretty sure we will accomplish this expense reduction without forcing my deputies to use only one glove per case. Actually, despite already submitting my budget I have some other cost saving ideas that I have mentioned to the county Finance folks. We will see how they pan out. Then there is also my reserve plan to sell Coroner Office T-shirts, etc as a revenue enhancement.

Yesterday I went to a meeting to discuss a way to expand access to healthcare for uninsured folks here in Lake County. It was an interesting discussion on trying to port/modify a system in DuPage County to ours (the discussion continues). This is important because, as I have mentioned before, folks are dying from lack of insurance. This is a project I helped explore a few years ago, I am glad it has come up again. Not that I don’t trust changes occurring on a national level, but I don’t trust changes occurring on a national level.

Today I spoke to a group of 80 senior men (one guy was celebrating his 91st birthday). Who would have guessed that they would love the story about a case we investigated complete with the discussion of decomp odor, skeletalization, maggots on crack, and a blender rendering of those maggots for toxicology testing. I know the teens I talk to enjoy it, so I thought I’d try it on this audience. It was fun for me and I hope informative for them.

Oh sure there were death investigations, discussions of death investigations, media calls, and other routine things happening as well, but it is always the other stuff that moves the week along.

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