Thursday, October 15, 2009

No colonics

Now here is something you don’t see talked about every day:

I had someone come to the office a while back seeking my advice. He had seen all the ads and products for colon cleansing (there are an amazing number) and someone told him that it was a great and health producing procedure and that it was necessary to get out all the stuff we carry inside all our lives. He asked if, indeed, people carried 15 to 25 pounds of meat or other food byproducts (s**t) in their colons.


In all the autopsies I have observed, surgeries I have observed, and lessons I learned in Med School, there has never been “stuff” “stuck like spackle” on the inside of someone’s colon. While an enema may be occasionally needed for acute constipation there is no other health benefit or health need for colon cleansing. Don’t be duped into buying into that foolishness.

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Anonymous said...

My neighbor's kid had what the doctors said was a peptic ulcer. After weeks of different medications with no results another diagnosis of H. pylori. and more medication, this kid ended up in the emergency room from severe stomach pains. The ER doctor took one x-ray told that mother her kid was literally full of *hi* from all the medications prescribed. Never knew a colon was six feet long. One half a bottle of Milk of Magnesia and three days home from school, no more stomach pains. A little of that blue goes a long way, a lot goes even further! More cost effective too.

***Noticed you need to clear with your medical doctor before taking this over the counter remedy as it may have side affects.