Thursday, June 22, 2006

Coroner as Career

We had a group of teens in the office today for an educational experience “run” by my Chief Deputy and myself, with others in the office also participating. They were attending a 10-day forum in Chicago (National Youth Leadership Forum) for young people wanting to learn more about medicine-related careers. The forum draws teens and young adults from all over the country for an experiential sampling in their chosen career field. The forum seems to be a great opportunity and we are glad to participate for our 2nd year.

By the end of their 4 hours here (we did give them time off for lunch) several of the students voiced an interest in the Coroner’s “biz” as a future career choice. This was despite honest descriptions of the downside of dealing with death in all its forms, decomposition, and possible emotional investment/toll. As always it was great to throw in a few “preachy” moments, about making good choices, not taking chances and, possibly< forestalling death.

Who knows how many (if any) will ultimately choose this field for their career, but it was great seeing their interest build and our ‘love” for our work reflected back from them.

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