Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Balance and health

I recently read: “The world works best in balance”.

Becoming more accepting of that philosophy, I went on vacation (just got back to work). While this may not sound all that interesting or “news-worthy”, if you knew me and my habits, you’d know it was. I seldom take time off and less often go on vacation. My last vacation was about two years ago.

I decided a few weeks ago to accede to my wife’s suggestion that we take a vacation for a variety of reasons, but foremost in my mind was a need for balance in my life.

Balance is important. It is important for physical and mental health. Balance in work and “play”. Balance in energy use and acquisition (and I don’t mean gas and electricity). Balance in energy investment and expenditure. The energy I speak of here is the energy that fuels our soul, our emotions, and our relationships with “all our relatives”. Those “relatives” include our families, our friends, our co-workers, all those we come in contact with and interact with (“relate” with), even those we pass on the street or buy our “venti coffee black” from.

Take a break often and recharge your batteries. Whether that break is long or short. Whether it is a brief meditation, a mindless TV show or movie, or a longer break like a vacation, it is important to re-energize. Pulling back in that energy with balance will allow you to invest in relationships that would otherwise become strained and damaged. Pulling back in that energy with balance will help your physical and mental health. You owe it to all your “relatives”.

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