Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mycobacterium vaccae is your friend

Talk about natural health treatments, Earth one of the ancient "elements". I came across an article about the health benefits of dirt and Mycobacterium vaccae.

It seems that exposure to M vaccae, i.e. getting it “under your skin”, boosts your immune system and improves your brain chemistry. So now there is a scientific “reason” for feeling good after you’ve worked in your garden or out in the yard, beyond the fresh air and sunshine. These bacteria get into your system and one result of the immune cascade is that serotonin production in your brain increases. More serotonin elevates your mood and has a few other positive mental effects that I recall studying some years ago.

So if you are feeling a bit down, grieving, or otherwise in a "funk”, get down and dirty. Get your hands in some dirt (soil for those that don’t like to play in the dirt). Breathe in that great aroma of fresh, moist soil. Welcome Mycobacterium vaccae into your system, into your body’s milieu. Germs can be your friends (and often are).

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