Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grief is about more than death

We grieve many things, not just death. Any loss generates grieving. The amount and degree of grief varies with the amount and degree of the attachment, the amount of energy we have invested or tied to the object of loss. Grief is natural and normal. It doesn’t go away; we do not get over it.

With that loss our life has changed, because our attachment, energy investment, is lost or at least for a time cast adrift. Our self concept and our world view must be altered in view of this loss we are grieving. We can change and, really, will change whether we participate actively in that change or not. Participation is the best option.

We must realize that that energy, previously invested elsewhere, is now available to us. With that realization we can change our relationship (develop a new relationship) with that lost “object” (or deceased loved one if that is the case). That lost “object” may not be the “object” we think it is. It may not be a “thing” at all. The loss may be the loss of the comfort of sameness, a change in status or relationship with another or a loss of what was considered “normal” of “normalcy”.

The change in relationship may be specifically with the person of “object” lost or it may be a new relationship with your “environment” (broadly defined), your surrounds, your community (again broadly defined), your new “you” (based on the changed and reinvested energy), or your new world view.

Grief is normal. You will not get over it, but with the development of new relationship it takes a different place in your life and a different energy investment.

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