Thursday, April 12, 2007

Columbia College of Missouri in Waukegan

I gave a lecture last evening (I guess it’s a lecture when you talk, and hopefully teach something, to a group of folks in a class at a college). I really enjoyed doing it. I warned them at the start that they should ask questions and keep me to a time limit (they said there wasn’t any time limit). Being both a physician and a politician, I can talk a long time once I get started. The lecture stretched to 2 hours from the scheduled 1 hour. I probably could have gone on even longer, but I had finished the coffee I brought with me, I needed to get home and these 12 or so hour days do get to me sometimes.

It is interesting talking to the various audiences that I do presentations to. The level of the talk and types/caliber of questions vary, as do the things we talk about and/or of interest to the group to a certain extent. The talk last night was to students in a criminology class, so I did try to gear it to fit with their academic interest, although they did have a fair range of questions and we ended talking about a lot of coroner-related things (worst case, this case, that case, coroner "powers", etc). It does seem that an awful lot of folks in all walks of life and of all ages have a great curiosity for the coroner biz.

The instructor did invite me back next year, though I am not sure what I would do with a second school logo coffee cup (my “stipend” for doing the lecture). Don’t get me wrong, in looks good in my office and I do like to change up my coffee cup from time to time (and I do drink a lot of coffee). I look forward to a repeat of the experience

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