Monday, June 11, 2007

Association of Black Cardiologists' sponsored talk

I was one of 3 speakers at a meeting sponsored by the Association of Black Cardiologists in Boston last Friday. I spoke about how the system we have for access to healthcare, and particularly access to emergency medical care, needs to be changed/improved to prevent needless cardiovascular deaths. I based my talk on the Beatrice Vance case that I have talked about here before, several posts including this one. I hope that I will have other opportunities to speak on that topic and bring this issue to the attention of as many folks as I can.

One of the other speakers spoke about the critical need and impact of disease prevention in preventing morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease, particularly in minority populations. She discussed the “7 Steps to a Health Heart” endorsed by the Association of Black Cardiologists. I really liked them and so I thought I’d pass them along, they are a bit different than you might see elsewhere.
Be Spiritually Active
Take Charge of Your Blood Pressure
Control Your Cholesterol
Track Your Blood Sugar (if you’re Diabetic)
Eat Smart & Enjoy Regular Exercise
Don’t Smoke
Access Better Healthcare and Take Medication as Prescribed

We can all use a bit of a reminder about working, and enjoying the work, of being healthier.

Get health, stay health, and stay out of my office as long as you can.

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