Friday, June 29, 2007

The Coroner relaxes

What does a coroner do to unwind/relax? In addition to enjoying my family, I do several things regularly.

I read a wide variety of stuff, it occupies my mind, some allows an “escape”, and sometimes I learn a bit. I have always enjoyed reading. So much to read, so little time.

I have begun a regular exercise program at a local gym. It is a great stress reliever and that is the reason I first dove in. Also, I was seeing quite a few folks about my age in the office (horizontal, if you know what I mean). I am sure that the exercise makes me healthier, in addition to making me feel better now it should help me live longer. I look forward to growing old in my job (although I am part way there now at 52). My other thought is that I want to look good in life and when it comes time for me (in a long time) I want to look good in death.

The other thing I have been doing is continued learning. First and foremost, keeping up on coroner stuff and keeping up on doctor stuff (there is a fair overlap). But, in addition, I am learning stuff because it is enjoyable to learn that stuff. For example, a week ago I attended a day of learning involving a mixture of neurolinguistic programming and Hawaiian traditional healing/energy work (ehoomanamaiola). It was fascinating to meet Hawaiian elders/teachers with email addresses and a website (and even better, because I didn’t have to travel to Hawaii to do it). Prior to this class I would never have thought such a thing likely. They are doing a lot with their Hakalau in the Hawaiian school system. I have also been attending classes at the Infinity Foundation. Does this make me weird? (As Willy Wonka said: “A little nonsense now and then is prized by the wisest men.”)

Work, play, exercise your body and exercise your mind (stretch it and have fun with it); live long and prosper (to steal a line).

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