Monday, June 18, 2007

Coroner--mundane and TV-like

Just to mention some of the stuff that would never get onto CSI, but stuff that is part of the Coroner biz just as much as the stuff that makes the shows and the news. It’s all glamour, don’t you know.

I got into a discussion with the Purchasing Department about whether we needed a color copier or would be “better served” by a color scanner and color printer. Of course the “better served” really boiled down to money. It is cheaper to buy a scanner and printer with a black and white copier than a color copier, so ‘if you could maybe get by with the scanner and printer we (the County) would be grateful’. I caved quickly, figuring they would want some analysis as to why it was necessary, more than just a convenience. How about that for a CSI episode suggestion, justifying a copier purchase?

How about the “case of the missing gas ‘key’”? We need a vehicle specific chip-key to get gas at the county pumps. This weekend the key for our van went missing. Nobody knew where it was. There was a bit of “it isn’t my fault” and “I didn’t lose/take it”. Then suddenly, as if by magic, it reappeared on the counter on Monday. The whole episode struck me more like an episode with my kids than trained professionals. How about that for a CSI episode suggestion, the missing gas key?

How about my asking the County Administrator if when we bring our new transport vehicle “on-line” if we could keep the old one as a spare vehicle. With reduced use its useful life could be extended. This is supported by our Department of Transportation. But it is vacation time, so we have to wait for a decision until after vacation (not mine mind you, but therein lies the rub). On the other hand the Transportation folks want a decision ASAP or it may be marked for auction. How about that for a CSI episode suggestion, vehicle decision making to be continued?

How about the recent battle in/with a committee of the County Board to get a much deserved raise for one of my employees because I have increased her work responsibilities. That might make for “must watch TV”. How about that for a CSI episode suggestion, exciting politics and business management?

Parts of my life may be like a TV show, but mostly it is mundane and likely not fit to print. I do, however, look forward to long service to the folks in my county and assure them I will be the best Coroner I can be (even with the run-of-the-mill actions, it makes the action actions even sweeter).


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see that high ranking, elected, tax paid for, public officials have such important business to worry themselves with, who took a key, so and so is on vacation, should we have color copiers or not. Seems as though a person in an elected position such as yours would have some real things to tend to. So you leave us in suspense - did anyone fess up to the key??? Or will it be another unsolved mystery of people not taking responsibility? Are other officials not allowed to take vacations??? Guess we'll have to sit on the edge of our seat till the next episode.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Glad to see you're hard at work.

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of courage to write about day to day life as an elected offical. Thanks for being so real. And thanks for giving us a back stage pass to the coroner's office! Keep up the good work!