Friday, June 22, 2007

Coroner’s Office investigation leads to medical license suspension

A case I alluded to in my last post came to a head yesterday. To paraphrase the press release from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation: Information supplied by the Lake County Coroner’s Office has resulted in the suspension of the medical license of a local physician.

Based on evidence developed during our death investigation of 2 individuals, we reported the physician to the DEA and the IL Department of Professional Regulation. It was obvious, based on our investigation the he was over-prescribing and most concerning was over-prescribing meds with high lethality. One of the individuals had a bottle from a prescription that had contained 270 Oxycontin tablets. This is a medication usually taken twice a day. This is the same individual who had over 100 tablets still in his stomach on autopsy.

We, as an office, feel it is our responsibility to prevent death as well as doing our best to ensure justice is done by those who die what might be considered an unjust death. We “serve those who can no longer serve themselves”. I am absolutely certain that by this action we have prevented the future death of others. It really isn’t all that often I can say that with conviction, but in this case I am convinced.

We don’t only work to catalog death, but to forestall it.

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Anonymous said...

Just read today's Tribune article on the suspension, and the additional information here is most interesting. As a citizen, I am very appreciative.