Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coroner says NO to "flask on the fly"

Isn’t America and modern technology wonderful? Apparently because it isn’t easy enough to get enough alcohol to drink, especially alcohol in easy to carry bags, these folks have come out with “Pocket Shots”. I learned about these things at our Lake County Underage Drinking Prevention Task Force meeting this morning.
Pocket Shot is a brand new way to enjoy your favorite hard liquor. No longer will you need to carry full size bottles. Gone are the breakable glass mini bottles. Now you can have it one shot at a time, any place, anywhere.
Each Pocket Shot is sealed in a near unbreakable, flexible, squishable, pocket stuffable pouch making them perfect for active activities, outdoor adventures, and glass restricting venues

For crying out loud folks, this is a product that we really don’t need and again one that can easily contribute to underage drinking, despite their comment in the middle of their web page (although their photos show who they are targeting):
Pocket Shot condemns underage drinking and the irresponsible consumption of alcohol. Please drink responsibly. To find out more about responsible consumption, visit The Century Council.

You can voice your concern to distributors and sellers of alcohol in your area (these are available in Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wisconsin now). Tell them they don’t need to sell these in your area. It is plenty easy to get alcohol in bottles and we don’t need alcohol in a bag in our pocket. We aren’t that much in need of a quick shot. In Lake County the mayors are most often the liquor commissioner as well, let them know, too.

Take a stand.

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Blanca said...

I'm glad you're getting the word out. As a concerned mom of teenagers, it seems as though the pressure to drink has been overwhelming for my two sons (17,18yrs). The last thing I need is businesses making it even easier for kids to drink and get away with it. Wisconsin is much too close for comfort.