Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rhoni Reuter and Skylar Reuter-Gayle Double Homicide

During Case Conferences today (which now serve the function of inquests), the manners of death for Rhoni Reuter and Skylar Reuter-Gayle were declared to be Homicides by the Lake County Coroner’s Office.

Rhoni Reuter and Skylar Reuter-Gayle died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds that Ms Reuter received October 4, 2007. Ms Reuter was 6-7 months pregnant, with Skylar, when she died. Skylar could have been viable if delivered at that length of gestation, and therefore is considered a second individual death and homicide. Skylar’s death was attributed to the blood loss her mother suffered as a result of her gunshot wounds.

The precise number of gunshot wounds and their distribution are a part of the ongoing investigation by the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force, so are that information cannot be disclosed at this time.

“This is certainly a heinous crime and we hope someone is brought to justice soon. I am confident that the ongoing investigation will accomplish just that”, said Richard Keller, MD, summing up the feeling of all those involved in this case from its tragic beginning.

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