Friday, November 30, 2007

Coroner supports Santa's girth

Thank goodness the acting United States Surgeon General is there to tackle the important health issues of our time. Yes, obesity (in kids and adults) is a serious problem in our country and does contribute to disease and death. Yes, we are seeing more 300+ pound folks and they are dying at younger ages from heart disease than you would really expect. But to attack Santa as a bad example and in need of slimming seems a bit weird.
“It is really important that the people who kids look up to as role models are in good shape, eating well and getting exercise. It is absolutely critical,” acting U.S. Surgeon General Rear Adm. Steven K. Galson said in an interview after a presentation on obesity at the Boston Children’s Museum…
“Santa is no different.”

I participate in a number of initiatives to promote health and forestall death, but I will not support this “hit” on Santa. Growing up I don’t recall ever thinking that I wanted to grow up fat like Santa and I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say it.

Keep Santa fat, but promote health and fitness in other ways.

Mr. Surgeon General lets come out with some real stuff to promote health in the U.S.. Thank goodness that the Ghostbusters took care of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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Anonymous said...

I can't agree more. I actually think acceptance of one's body will go a long way toward reducing obesity, and accepting that people come in all sizes and shapes is a start. Instead, people diet like crazy, and the diet industry is huge. But weight loss-weight gain cycles due to dieting, like obesity, are also unhealthy. When the day comes that we're all as fit as we can be, some of us will still be larger than others. Being half as active as Santa would make plenty of people a lot healthier!