Thursday, March 09, 2006

Career Day is Elementary

I recently did a Career Day event at a local Elementary School, talking with 5 groups of young children about my job. I just got a packet of thank-you notes from some of the kids and I thought I’d share some of their comments and insight (their spelling and punctuation):

Your job is so cool!! You work like the CSI. Your job might be a little nasty but to me I like your job a lot!

I liked that you came down to talk about your job about saveing lives in the world I thank you for doing it.

I really thought it was interesting when you said you worked with dead people. It was really awesome to know about your job. Thank you so much for coming to … School and for teaching us that smoking is bad. I thought it was interesting when you told us that people tried stunts off of TV and how it killed them.

I think you job is cool!

I like your job because it’s interesting to check people’s bodies to se how they died.

I think find out why people are dead is a cool job and all it’s just not for me.

I like your job because you get to se blood. I like to se blood, lots of blood but not on me! So if I die will you know that it is me? [This one bears watching]

I think your gob is cool. Because you get to use cool tools and look at there teeth

I think the most interesting think is how you invetgat pepl who dide

How did you get a job to look in side other people’s body?

When you die I hope that you will get cremated so you can hope that someone can spread your ash’s over your life

I love you so much. [by my youngest daughter]

It is fun talking about my job with kids, with everybody. I also make a point of plugging in a few death forestalling tips to my talks that I hope they really pick up on.

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