Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Grief work

I’m not sure where I had seen a reference to this website; I had a note tucked in my “ideas” folder. I looked at the website today. It is new, it is an experience.

Tom Zuba learned about grieving with the death of 18-month old daughter, his wife 9 years later, and most recently his 13 year old son. He shares his experience, he wants “to be of service”, to share the “tools” he gathered “to make the journey easier”. He wants to create community, on-line, “a sacred place (for) transformation”.

Mr. Zuba offers heartfelt information about grief and dealing with grief, thoughts on mourning and the usefulness of denial. It is a worthy effort, worth a look and your consideration, whether you are currently dealing with grief or not. Certainly, it would be useful if you are seeking tools to work on grief in your life.

Note: don’t skip the intro (if your computer can handle it), it is a very nice bit of visual and written art.

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