Monday, March 13, 2006

Functioning Addicts

I’ve commented on deaths resulting from drug use and abuse in previous posts. In that regard, I want to bring up something I was discussing with one of my deputies recently. The individuals dying with drug-related causes are not, for the most part, down and out, drugged out, low-lifes. And that surprises a lot of people.

Many of these individuals hold jobs, attend school, live what appear to be pretty normal lives. However, after work and/or on weekends these individuals go to dealers and “markets” in Chicago or elsewhere to purchase their drugs. They return home and consume (inhale, ingest, inject) their drugs looking for the effects they expect. Rarely, they die, most of the time they continue their lives and their drug use. They are still addicts. They continue their drug use and abuse for effect or self-medication or because of an inner drive to use and abuse, but many are functioning members of society.

It can be surprising just who is a functioning addict. It can even surprise their family and others they spend sober time with.

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