Friday, February 03, 2006

Busy day

As I have said before there is never a shortage of business to be cared for in the Coroner's Office. People do die from a variety of causes and with a different story behind each one.

Today we had 2 unrelated deaths due to drug overdoses (heroin and cocaine). In addition to the usual tasks involved in each of the cases, one of those deaths also involved a discussion with one of the lead attorneys in the State's Attorneys Office about an autopsy to support a case for charges of Drug-induced Homicide.

An individual died about a month after a fall began a cascade of events leading to his death. A fall fractured his hip led to impaired mobility setting up the development of clots in the veins of his leg that traveled to his lungs and the immobility also contributed to his developing a pneumonia. The latter 2 problems then led to his death.

A house fire took the life of a 79 year old woman, despite her husband's valiant efforts to save her (he required medical treatment in a local ER because of his injury and smoke inhalation). That fire is still under investigation as I type this.

I'm told that there may also be an auto accident in the County with the possibility of a fatal injury.

I was also still talking with the media today, in their attempts to get more information than I a willing/able to give out regarding the death of a 20 month old who died of multiple injuries a couple of days ago.

A typical day at the Lake County Coroner's Office?

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