Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Interest in Death in the Sunday Comics

Is there an interest in what we do through the Coroner’s Office? You bet.

Do the Sunday Comics at times tap into normal social behavior as the basis of their humor? You bet. See Frazz from February 26, 2006 and their discussion of the interest in the cause of death generated by seeing someone's name in the obits.

I do get questions about the deaths of individuals, from the media, from other individuals, from County Board members, from many sources. People die from a variety of causes and there is a different story with each of the deaths. Most of the time an individual’s death is a private matter, while at times it is public and those cases that go to inquest are a matter of public record. It is important to be gentle with the information to avoid causing others’ pain, but there are times that it is in the public interest for some or all of the information “to come out”. I strive to be cautious, to reason and consider the disclosure. I will do my best. Information on this blog will, near always, be more general in nature.

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