Monday, February 20, 2006

Natural Causes

Most deaths are from natural causes. But how “natural” are these deaths? Natural causes of death include cancer, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease and the like. They are natural processes rooted in the natural process of living, aging and dying.

We say dying from cancer is “natural”, but how natural is lung cancer resulting from smoking, despite tobacco being a plant product (and therefore natural). We say dying from heart disease is “natural”, but how natural is the metabolic syndrome caused by over-eating and being overweight, with our blood fats clogging our heart’s feeder arteries? It probably isn’t all that “natural” when we contribute to and hasten our natural cause of death.

We in the Coroner’s Office really are plenty busy without so many individual’s seemingly working hard to come through our office early (and I don’t mean for a tour), with a cigarette in one hand and a plate of fries in the other.

It is important to make good choices.

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